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ACC is an IT support and services company based in London, we work with small and medium sized businesses who do not employ their own internal IT support personnel. Established in 1987 our aim has always been to enable our clients to achieve their business goals through IT which we have been successfully doing for over 30 years. Our clients vary in size and in industry but they have some needs in common and that is for proactive and responsive IT support that lets them work better and provides one point of contact for everything IT.

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Our People

We think that it is our people that makes our company different in the IT support world and make us a good company for our clients to deal with. Our team consists of first, second and third line support specialists which have the required knowledge to provide our clients with a service that they can consistently benefit from. Our staff receive regular training and hold various certifications from various IT manufacturers and follow proven methodologies and best practices when providing IT support services.

Each client and project is different and presents its own challenges which has resulted in us being able to create a team that truly understand our clients needs. This is coupled with the extensive experience that our workforce has. We work well together as a team and have the right processes in place to ensure that our IT support services and projects are delivered successfully every time. Most of our staff have been with us for 5+ years, this in itself speaks volumes about our company and shows that we are a good place to work. ACC is a privately owned company and has had the same directors from the start who continue to play an active role in the day to day management of the company. 


Our Approach

We believe that IT support services should not be provided to a client based on the amount of pre-paid hours that they have purchased. All of our IT support contracts include unlimited remote support as a minimum. This allows for adequate time to be available to resolve all issues that arise properly without things being left out. All companies have different requirements, this unlimited approach lets us properly identify the issue(s) and resolve them.

Our clients are important to us; we take time to get to know each of our clients businesses, its goals and what they expect from their IT systems. This enables us to tailor our services where needed to provide a service which is based on our clients current needs and requirements and has future proofing built into it, we do not follow a one size fits all method. Typically our clients have between 5 and 50 members of staff and typically have a Windows based infrastructure.


Every company has different needs. We believe in providing our clients with a services that is based on their needs and incorporates their business goals into it as well. This is achieved through doing an in-depth system check prior to starting a contract or project and performing the necessary checks after at agreed intervals to insure that service levels have been met and maintained. We provide services in the following areas: remote IT support, onsite IT support, office 365 support, data backup and restoration, network security, hardware and software installation and configuration services.

 Our clients cover a full spectrum from architects through to accountants and schools. From the start of the contract you will be assigned three IT support specialists, these people will not change, you will also get an account manager as a point of contact for everything non-technical.


How We Are Different

We combine many years of experience with the right technologies to give our clients a premier service. Our IT support contracts include automated fault monitoring, this lets us monitor your network and attached devices (PC’s, laptops, tablets etc.), and in a lot of instances an issue can be resolved before the end user (your staff) notice it and on top of this our remote and onsite IT support has unlimited monthly usage. The IT support specialists that we assign to your company will remain the same so that we can get a good understanding of each other, you’ll have an account manager of everything non-technical.



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We operate in numerous markets and provide all of our clients with services that fit around their needs and improves their time to benefit, we have been doing this successfully for over 25 years. For more information about ACC please contacts us.