Cyber Security Solutions For Your Business


Cyber Security Services For Your Business

Trusted by many SMEs our services takes on the day to day management of security in your business. We can cover your staff, devices, data, emails and software licenses all from one point of contact and at one fixed cost.

We have partnered with Sophos to deliver these services. Sophos is a global leader in IT security. Our Gold level partnership lets you rest assured that our technical services specialists can provide the on going consultancy and management services required.

How We Can Help

Managing your staff, devices, data and other technology stuffs is time consuming and in some instances requires specialist knowledge. We have designed our service so that it takes care of the day to day security management in your company and give you a solution that not only gives you full coverage, but also gives you a fast response from a familiar support specialist when required and includes all of the required software licenses. It’s ideal for SMEs.

Our Service Includes

Unlimited Changes and Updates

We understand that needs can change over time. For this reason You can make as many change requests as required by your organisation. If say you want to change a certain policy you can request that our team implements this at no extra cost to yourselves. Full license management services are included as standard.

On Going Technical Support

 We will fully manage the security services, the Sophos licenses deployed will be linked back to our helpdesk. Our technical team will perform regular checks. Detected threats will be actioned by our team. Updates and on going maintenance will also be performed at no additional cost.

Device Management

We take a proactive approach to your devices, as standard we deploy a automated fault monitoring, this enables us to have a view of your devices status. Detected issues will be actioned quickly by a member of the technical services team.


In a lot of cases a security breach or malware infection is the result of human error. We ensure that your staff are kept up to date on the latest threats by providing short but informative online cyber security training videos.



Protect all Devices


Up and Running in 60 Seconds


Always up to Date


By harnessing the cloud you can protect your staff in different locations on different networks from the same management controls. Without having to install anything in house on your own server.

We have been working closely with Sophos for over a decade and have achieved a Gold Partnership with them. Our team is able to offer advice and design solutions for you based on Sophos’s IT security products. Over a 100 million devices worldwide are protected by Sophos.


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We have been providing this service successfully for over 25 years.

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