Cyber Security Solutions For Your Business

Cyber security is tricky, your business has different devices, three’s a lot of data, software’s being used and emails coming and going. Our security service takes on the management of all of this.

We have created a advanced yet easy to use service that takes on the management of the cyber security in your business, it covers your entire landscape and is fully managed by us. You and your staff can continue with business as usual whilst we work quietly in the background making sure that you are secure. This will cover your devices, data, emails and network and gives you the most up to date protection.

Our service utilises Sophos security products, it is linked back to our helpdesk and is managed by our internal team of it support specialists. Threats are detected and responded to quickly and overall security is maintained. No technical knowledge is needed on your side to use this service. As part of the services you will get the relevant protection licenses for your devices, emails, data and network coupled with the backend management and threat resolution services that we give as standard with this package.

We provide a managed security service across all of your devices. The device, your software and your data will be kept safe

Quick and easy to set up, our service works quietly in the background and does not get in the way

Around the clock protection managed by us. Threats will be detected and you will be notified as well

Fully Managed Cyber Security Services

Achieve the highest level of threat protection across all of the devices in your network. We will secure everything and provide super fast threat response and resolution as part of the service. Take advantage of the deep learning included – an advance form of machine learning in the Sophos security licenses, automated threat response and direct access to our technical services team whenever you require.

We have been working closely with Sophos for over two decades and have achieved a Gold Partnership with them. Our team is able to offer advice and design solutions for you based on Sophos’s IT security products and provide any on going support and technical services that you may require. Over a 100 million devices worldwide are protected by Sophos.