18 Jun 2020

Managed Cyber Security Services for SMEs

We are pleased to introduce our improve managed IT security services for you. Keeping your business secure is an on going effort, it effects businesses of all sizes. It’s a big and ever changing landscape, in fact there were approx. 144.91 million new malware samples found in 2019. Small and mid sized businesses are often […]

29 May 2020

Update To Our Enhanced Support Offering

Enhanced Support Offers Users Cyber Security Training Often times a business falls victim to cybercrime through a member of their own staff accidently clicking on a link in an email. It’s estimated that around 90% of malware is delivered by email. These emails are designed to look legitimate and often imitate other known businesses which […]

27 May 2020

COVID19 May Business Update

We’ve been able to adapt with these testing times and continue operating as normal without any disruption to our business or services. The below post is an update on what is going on in ACC and what the past few months have been like for us as a company. Remote IT support and services This […]

23 Apr 2020

New Features Available In Our IT Support Services

We like to continually invest in our services and to further develop them. This way our services stay suited to your businesses IT needs and it lets us further satisfy your requirements. The improvements that we make is a result from the research that we conduct with our clients and the data which is obtained […]

16 Apr 2020

Protecting Yourself From Phishing Emails

Your working from home – great, everything set up and its business as usual (well almost). One key thing that many people forget or don’t put too much thought into is security but more importantly email security. Phishing attacks are a major problem and can be very costly to recover from. Over the past month […]