Month: September 2019

26 Sep 2019

How Small Business Can Use an Benefit From AI

AI and deep learning have become technology buzzwords over the recent years. Normally when you think of these terms you think of a really big computer doing complicated things. Although it most cases that’s it you do not have to own one of these or invest massive sums of money into using the technology in your business and benefiting from it. This post aims to describe how it can be used in small businesses and the benefits to be gained from it.

Anti virus / malware

Some security businesses are starting to include this feature in their product offerings. Sophos for example include it in their Sophos Central Intercept X product. Deep learning is used to provide protection against malware and ransomware. This gives you better protection and enables the product to react quicker to new threats. Research conducted by SophosLabs actually found that 75% of malware they detect is unique to a single organization so having an intelligent product that uses AI in this instance is really helpful.

Microsoft Office 365

It may come as a surprise but Microsoft Office 365 does have some AI features. Features like MyAnalytics which acts as a dashboard about you that shows how you work and suggests ways that you can work better.

Tell Me is another one. If you look at the ribbon in your Office 365 apps it says “ Tell me what you want me to do”. You can type in what you want to do next in this field which would bring up the features or actions you want to undertake. It can also be used as a locator to find things.

These are just two features, there are a lot more however the aim of this post is to simply touch on the topic.

IT Support

Certain fault monitoring soft have built in AI capabilities, these enable quicker detection of faults on devices such as PCs, laptops and tablets as well as on the network infrastructure itself. A good fault monitoring system will proactively scan your network and notify your support personnel of any faults. The benefit here vs traditional monitoring tools is that the traditional ones would have a set of faults that it checked for, if the fault didn’t fall into one of those categories it would not be detected. Incorporating AI detects far more faults. We have incorporated this into our IT support offering. As the client you will experience quicker detection and response times which will allow you to continue working undisturbed.

In conclusion AI is a real game changer and will have an effect on almost all industries in one way or another. We use it ourselves and have included it in our service to enable us to offer a better solution and to operate more efficiently.

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16 Sep 2019

Protect Your Business From Phishing Emails

Phishing/scam emails have always been about, email spoofing is a popular tactic used in this. However the amount of spoofed emails being sent has risen massively over the past years and is still continuing to increase. The sophistication of these emails and their accuracy has also increased over time as well.

A spoofed email is a email message with a forged senders address. For example you receive and email from that looks like it is from one of your suppliers which asks you to pay the amount in an invoice which has been attached with the email. On the face of it the email will look legitimate but it is from a different sender. If you where to look into the backend of the email you would see that it did not come from the sender that it was made out to of come from. The aim of these emails is purely financial.

Our clients send in these emails to us from time to time to be checked out. Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail Business do have some in built tools to protect you from spoofed emails. However the recommend best practise is to get additional protection put in place. Something that includes inbound and outbound email scanning, this way spoofed emails will be identified and blocked. However nothing is 100% so keep security in mind, check the sender when you receive an email with an invoice attached to it. Especially if it is one that you are not expecting of if it looks different to the emails that, that sender normally sends you. Forward these emails to your IT team, or IT support company as well.

A good product for email security is Sophos Central Email Protection Advanced. We use this internally ourselves and have it installed in most of our client’s office. Since using this product we have seen that the number of spoofed emails getting through the security filters has dropped drastically. Along with the essential email anti-virus features this products inbound email scanning that uses a combination of SPF, DKIM and DMARC authentication techniques and email header analysis which identifies and permits legitimate genuine emails whilst the fake ones are blocked. Something like this helps a lot because you have a tool which is doing the checking work for you automatically.

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