Year: 2020

18 Jun 2020

Managed Cyber Security Services for SMEs

We are pleased to introduce our improve managed IT security services for you.

Keeping your business secure is an on going effort, it effects businesses of all sizes. It’s a big and ever changing landscape, in fact there were approx. 144.91 million new malware samples found in 2019. Small and mid sized businesses are often hardest hit by this as they often lack the protection and cyber security readiness. Systems aren’t always in place and at times staff have not had the necessary training to be aware of things like phishing emails or ransomware. Unfortunately more than 50% of all businesses that fall victim to cyber-crime are small businesses. There’s various reasons for this, one is lack of time and awareness others are not taking adequate precautions and having a layered approach to security. Our new managed cyber security service addresses all of these weak points and gives a easy to use solution for small – medium sized businesses, fully managed by our IT support services team. This post describes the new service and its features in details. In short, cyber security is important – our new services takes on the management of it and provides a clear role for managing it.

Cyber security isn’t something that stays the same, new threats and malware are seen daily and because of this managing it is an on going process, a on going solution is needed that utilises the right technology, AI and people power to give an adaptive and up to date solution. Our service delivers exactly this and is tailored to meet the needs of small – medium sized businesses.

The main issue for cyber security is that it is something which always needs to be managed, as it is always there and continuously changing. This takes time and effort to do. In a lot of instances a small business will purchase a endpoint protection type of anti virus software, have it installed on their devices and then that would be it. That does provide some form of protection but its not ideal as traditional anti virus software’s tend to struggle with modern day threats.

This post describes the new service and its features in details. In short, cyber security is important – our new services takes on the management of it and provides a clear role for managing it.

How it works

We will secure your devices, email, data and network through Sophos. Sophos is a global leader in IT security products. These security licenses are then linked backed to our managed service desk which is manned by out IT support staff.

Our staff will monitor and maintain the service whilst providing regular and timely updates to a designated person within your business.

If a threat is detected a member of our team will respond to it quickly and notify you once it has been resolved. This part of the service gives 24/7 coverage.

Areas covered:

Web Protection, data encryption, ransomware, cryptoguard (ransomware file restorer), laptops and desktops and your network

Protection from ransomware

Emails containing suspicious attachments will be blocked and quarantined for further inspection. If an attachment does get through and is clicked on by the end-user it will be blocked from executing any files. Data that gets encrypted by this will be reverted back to its original state by the Cryptoguard feature in this service. We will also be able to provide a full visual report on the incident after the clean-up has been done if required.

Ransomware is a major threat, the costs caused by a successful attack are high. Our solution gives you the highest level of protection and provides a clear route to support and resolution.

Threat detection and response

This solution is perfect for SMEs, it greatly improves security and staff awareness without increasing the staff headcount.

This service is billed on a per user per month basis, it can be added to our other on going IT support services or can be used as a standalone service. It’s recommended that it is taken up with our on going IT support services as both of them combined creates a solution that gives you a complete coverage for modern day business. Our team will manage and look after the IT whilst you can focus on your business without being slowed down by technology. In most instances the threats can be stopped before any damage or downtime is caused to your business.

Email Protection

Using Sophos we will secure your emails from malware, ransomware, spam and phishing attacks. There is also the option for email encryption if required and an emergency inbox feature designed to give you maximum security and up time.

Included Training

Having a workforce which is aware of cyber security is a major plus. In a lot of instances malware will get into a business through a employee accidentally clicking on an email. The problem is that a lot of people do not know what to look for, phishing emails are designed to look as if they came from the original sender. Imagine if a person was to knock on your door and claim that he worked for Thames Water for example and they had the full uniform and some ID to. You would be likely to just let him in without taking a proper look because everything on the surface looks legitimate. It’s the same with phishing emails they are designed to look the same as an email from a legitimate sender whom you probably already get regular emails from. If staffs awarness of these risks can be increased you’ll benefit greatly. This is an important area that can easily be addressed however it is often overlooked. Relying on technology won’t give you 100% protection. Your staff should be aware of what spam and phishing emails are and what they look like. They don’t need to be specialists but general awareness and some ongoing training will pay dividends in this instance. Attacks are costly and take time to resolve, so having aware staff will go a long way in staying protected.

Sending your staff to cyber security training courses is costly and it takes up a lot of time. On top of this its normally a one of session that lasts a day and then that’s it. After a few weeks no one remembers anything from it. It’s on a regular and dependable form of training that can be undertaken by anyone that does it.

Our managed cyber security service includes ongoing training for your staff as standard. This is done by sending simulated phishing emails to your staff. These emails are completely safe to click on. From the results we can see who has clicked on what and how the end user interacted with the email. The training is provided online and can be done from anywhere via short online modules which are targeted at specific types of email threats such as social engineering and ransomware. We recommend that this is done on a fairly regular basis as an ongoing exercise. It doesn’t have to be every day but often enough for your staffs knowledge to be kept up to date on the matter. This way your staff will be educated in cyber security and will be less likely to fall victim to some sort of fraudulent email. Which in turn greatly reduces the risks of a successful phishing attack on your business or someones login credentials being stolen.

How is AI incorporated in this?

Cyber security is a ever evolving space, for this you need more than a traditional anti-virus software for protection. As this would not always be able to detect never seen before threats, malware is constantly changing and not everything can go to a malware database. An intelligent system would work best in this case. This is where AI comes in. By integrating it into the service security goes from being reactive to becoming predictive which is achieved via advanced machine learning. This will be used to protect both your devices and your emails.

On going device checking

As part of the service our team will check the devices in your business and create performance reports on them. These reports will identify if any of your PCs or laptops are operating slowly, if they have any known vulnerabilities and if there are any programs running on them which should be removed.

Does it work for staff working remotely

The short answer is yes, this service works the same way for your staff working in the office as it would do if they where in the office. Our team will monitor and maintain your staffs computer security whilst they are working from home. The service levels remain the same. You’ll also get direct and unlimited access to our technical support people as well.

Dedicated account manager

As standard you will be assigned a dedicated account manager he/she is your non technical point of contact within our business. You will have direct access to this person. Any issues you will be able to contact them directly. You will also be assigned a dedicated team of services personnel who you can contact at any time.

All of the above is managed by us, our team will deploy the relevant security licenses, link them back to our helpdesk and proactively manage them from here. Any detected threats will be quickly blocked and resolved. You or your staff will not need to do anything, it is completely managed and maintained by us.

If you are interested in learning more about the then please do get in contact with us. If you are an existing client then you can do this by contacting your account manager, if not click here to fill out a contact form or just give us a call on 02085188353 and a member of the team will be more then happy to discuss this further with you. We have been in business for other 30 years and have a range of other IT services available which can be used by your business. If you would like to learn more about these services click here to go to our main page.

29 May 2020

Update To Our Enhanced Support Offering

Enhanced Support Offers Users Cyber Security Training

Often times a business falls victim to cybercrime through a member of their own staff accidently clicking on a link in an email. It’s estimated that around 90% of malware is delivered by email. These emails are designed to look legitimate and often imitate other known businesses which the recipient may already be associated with. So it is important to have some on-going training in place as no email protection software can give 100% defence, a layered approach to security works best and having a well informed and cyber security aware workforce is an essential part of this strategy.

It is important for your staff to be educated on cyber security and to know what to look out for. This is why we have included this training module in our enhanced IT support package and no additional cost.

This blog describes the features of the training program and the benefits that it can bring to your company. Read on:

The training includes:

Simulated phishing attacks

User behaviour analysis and reporting

Short training videos tailored to the users response

How does it work:

Our IT support team will send simulated phishing email to your staff(s), there are over 500 different templates that we can use. These emails are specific and are designed to see if your staff will interact with them or not, for example an email looks like it has come from Amazon or Microsoft and is asking for them to log in to confirm their password.

Once the email is sent from our console we can track it and see who opened it, how many times they opened it and what they clicked on. From here we can identify which users are more risky than others and enrole them in the relevant training modules. The training modules are short 5 minutes videos which can be watched on the employees device.

The aim with this service is to highlight where the security training gaps are and to fill them and continually keep the users knowledge up to date with regular testing and training. Think of it as a fitness / cardio program but for computer security.

Additional advice can be given by out IT support team, this can whenever you want. You can simply send a email to the helpdesk requesting this and the member of the support team will arrange it for you.

What your staff can learn from this

They will be more aware of phishing emails and the risks associated with it and they will be kept up to date as the testing and training provided is ongoing. The increased awareness will reduce the risks and the threats that phishing emails possess to your company. Suspicious emails can be forward to our support team who can verify if it is safe or not safe too.

The training goes deep, your staff will be educated on specific email threats. The training that is provided is also available in 10 different languages. These training modules are short but information packed.

This service is a unique feature in our portfolio, it is relevant to today’s business and it is a feature which most on-going IT services does not include. Your staff benefit from increased cyber security knowledge and your business benefits directly from that as the risk of a successful attack are reduced dramatically.

If you would like to discuss cyber security training in more detail then feel free to get in contact with us. If you are already an existing client then you can contact your account manager or main IT support contact directly, if not click here to fill out a contact form and a member of the team will get back to you within one hour.

27 May 2020

COVID19 May Business Update

We’ve been able to adapt with these testing times and continue operating as normal without any disruption to our business or services. The below post is an update on what is going on in ACC and what the past few months have been like for us as a company.

Remote IT support and services

This is still operating as normal, you can call or email our helpdesk as you normally would and a engineer that you are already familiar with will be able to investigate and resolve any issues that you may have.

Other services which are delivered remotely such as automated fault monitoring etc. are still operating as normal as well. These service have not been affected by staff working from home and they continue to work as normal. As these can be delivered fully remotely without the user needing to do anything from their side.

Providing that the client has a internet connection, we can connect remotely to their device / network. We are also able to provide telephone support and guidance to if required.

Originally we did see an big influx in the number of calls and emails made to our help desk back in March. This was expected as it was the time when most people began working from home and the demand for IT support services had increased, this has now gone back down to near normal levels.

Our services team has worked very hard to make sure that all of our clients’ needs have been met and that they are able to work home efficiently.

On Site Services

These services are more likely to be effected as it requires a member of our team to go to a client’s office. We are still providing on site services when required, these services have not been reduced or brought down to a limited number of services being provided. Our team can still do onsite configurations, changes and any other service that we would normally provide. Our office is in London, most of our clients are based in and around London. We just request that social distancing is observed whilst our staff are there and that the office is clean.

Cyber Security Services

This has been a very busy area for us over the past few months as the traditional business landscape has changed massively with most people working from home. Cyber security threats have risen dramatically, Barracuda for example has found that since February 2020 phishing emails that they have detected increased by 667%. It’s important to note that this isn’t because detection rates has improved it is due to the fact the cyber criminals have been taking advantage of people working from home due to COVID19. People are more relaxed whilst at home and security isn’t always as complete as it is when you are in the office as in a lot of cases people are using their normal home device to do business on which poses its own threats and obstacles.

Our team has been busy in securing our clients staff to work from home. This has been the area which we have been most busy in since February. We continue to provide services in this area, it has been unaffected by the current situation.

Through careful developments we have been able to create our own multi layered approach to IT security. It is a comprehensive solution which is managed by us that gives complete protection, the user does not need to do anything or have any technical knowledge. This has helped our greatly in managing our IT security services and threat response over the past few months. Click here if you would like to learn more about this service.

We have also adapted our service to the current situation and provided the remote workers that we support with security training and information on best practises. Although this is part of our normal on going services it has been utilised a lot more over the last few months. This service includes user training, simulated phishing emails and tests. In a lot of instances a attack on a business is successful because one of the employees accidentally clicked on a link in a email and let the attacker in. By providing a full training program that is easy to understand, doesn’t take up much time and put in to practise we have been able to keep breaches down this whole time. It also helps adopt a security first culture and suggest ways in which it can be improved by using the results from the training which is a win win for the business. Our IT support personnel have been working closely with our clients to achieve this.

Hardware Supply

We can still provide next business day delivery to most location and we are also able to offer timed deliveries whenever required. If the items needs to come to our office first to be configured then this will affect how long the delivery takes however this has always been the case and it is properly communicated to all parties involved before the order has been processed. Initially there where some supply issues at the beginning of the COVID19 crisis however for the most part these have been resolved. Our team has been in close contact with the vendors in our supply chain to insure that lead times are kept to a minimum and any supply issues are properly communicated to the clients. We have partnerships in place with most major delivery companies and can provide full tracking details whenever required to do so.

On Going Consultancy

Face to face meeting have been stopped temporarily, these have been replaced with phone calls, video calls and conferences etc. This has worked well and it has enabled us to stay well connected our clients, suppliers and other shareholders. It was a bit strange at first as we was more used to face to face meetings, however this works.

If you would like to know more about what we do or if there was a topic raised in this article that has interested you please feel free to connect with us. You can either contact your ACC account manager directly, email us on, call us on 0208 5188 353 or contact us via our website by clicking here. IT services is at the core of everything we do, we put the client first and we have the internal expertise to provide bespoke on going solutions, regardless of your industry we can help you.

23 Apr 2020

New Features Available In Our IT Support Services

We like to continually invest in our services and to further develop them. This way our services stay suited to your businesses IT needs and it lets us further satisfy your requirements. The improvements that we make is a result from the research that we conduct with our clients and the data which is obtained from this research and it is in line with the current technology trends.

IT support and related services are at the heart of what we do, our aim as a company is to provide business with a easy to use IT support service which is secure, solves their problems and works with minimal fuss.

The below options are now available to be added to your monthly services, these are available on a, a la carte basis. You can choose whichever ones you want. If in the future you feel that you no longer need these simply email your account manager and these will be removed in the next month. Similarly the services can also be increased or tailored to meet a specific need if required.

  • Email protection
  • Antivirus with AI
  • User security awareness training
  • Mobile device protection (Android & IOS)

Please note that all of these services will be brought into your current agreement and will be fully integrated into our service desk and will be managed by our service specialists. The services also provide a set level of automation, so it can be set to continually run in the background, notifications will be routed to the relevant support personnel.

Our core services provide remote and onsite IT support, hardware and software management a long with procurement and consultancy services. These new services improve our offering and lets you benefit from a flexible services model where you are not tied in for a set length of time. The services are billed on a monthly basis, you simply consume the services you require, if the requirement changes you just need to let us know.

Many tradition services are set on fixed term contracts and are complicated to change once the agreement has been made. The services described in this post do not have that issue as they are supplied on a monthly basis. Changing the number of add ons licensed can be done simply by sending one email to your account manager or to our service desk and it will get done. This minimizes the investment that you need to make and gives you the option for future changes and edits as well.

If you would like to discuss these additions in more details or if you would like to purchase some simply click here or call us on 0208 518 353.

16 Apr 2020

Protecting Yourself From Phishing Emails

Your working from home – great, everything set up and its business as usual (well almost). One key thing that many people forget or don’t put too much thought into is security but more importantly email security. Phishing attacks are a major problem and can be very costly to recover from.

Over the past month our IT support personnel have seen a massive influx in the number of phishing emails that our filters have been blocking. The issue is that cyber criminals are now using COVID 19 as a guise and with the current climate people are generally more likely to click on the links and input information. Some estimates have the increase in phishing attacks to be over 600% since the last three months according to security company Barracuda Networks. Everyone is in quarantine and working from home, this means that our dependence on the internet and computing is going to be more then ever before. Our IT support team have seen emails from fake charities and other spoofed emails claiming to me C level members of staff in the receivers business. The aims of these types of campaigns is normally to steal the users credentials, spread malware and/or to commit some kind of fraud.

It is important to have the right email security in place, this can help to identify these emails and block them before they get into your mailbox. Keep in mind that most malware infections need some form of human interaction to get onto your device, think clicking on a link in an email or downloading a file from a website. Its easy to see how a lot of these malicious campaigns are successful.


Get a good email protection solution put in place, these do not have to cost a lot. There are different options available. If you are unsure click here to speak to one of our IT security specialists.

If you already have an email protection software in place, check the settings and insure that the security is set to high. You can always check to see which emails have been blocked

Don’t open or click on emails that seem dodgy or is not from a trusted sender.

IT support and security services for SMEs is one of our key areas of specialism, if you are concerned with the security that you have in place in your company and would like it to be reviewed click here to fill out a form or email us on We have been having a lot of conversations with our clients on this topic over the last few months.