Month: January 2020

22 Jan 2020

2020 – The Year That Technology Works For You

As we go into a new decade now would be a good time to start thinking about the future for your business and how technology has been working for you. Technology is a critical part of every business. Think about it, how many of your important business operations rely on computers in one way or another?

With so much of businesses day to day operations relying on IT, it is important to have the right IT support company in place. A company that understands your businesses requirements, manages everything quietly in the background so that your devices and networks are secure and working optimally and gives you a clear an effective procedure for support.

As we start of 2020, a new decade now would be a good time to take a look at how technology is currently used in your business and whether it has been working properly and you are getting the most out of it.

Technology problems can be costly.

Think about it this way, when someone in your business looses data, or a PC freezes or things get slow you loose time and revenues. This happens a lot but it can be avoided if you have the right company looking after the technology ecosystem in your business.

Make IT a success for your business

Our services are designed for SMEs, it gives you coverage of the following: staff & devices, data backups, emails, third party software management, connectivity and security. We have designed our service to give you complete coverage. We manage everything quietly in the background, if you or your staff need to make a support request they have direct access to our remote helpdesk via phone call or email.

Both Mac and Windows devices are covered. Your staff have direct access to dedicated IT support staff who can resolve your issues quickly. We also use automated fault monitoring tools, this a software that is installed on the devices in your business, if a fault is detected it is logged and emailed back to our helpdesk as a support request. One of the support specialists will be able to action it from there. This helps to keep problem detection and resolution times to a minimum as it makes the service more proactive and moves away from the traditional method of users contacting the IT support provider when an issue has been detected. If your current IT support contract does not include this or something similar to it then it is worth looking at.

All of the day to day hassles of managing technology will be removed and you and your staff will be free to focus on your business. We’ve been in business for 30+ and have extensive experience in working with SMEs across most verticals.

The next step

If you are interested in moving from your current IT support company you can either email us on or call us on 020 5188 8353. Alternatively you can also learn more about the services that we provide right here on out website by clicking here.