Month: February 2020

24 Feb 2020

Synchronized Security for Your Business

Cyber security is a concern for most businesses. However for SME’s the issue often arising when thinking about security is how do you keep your users, devices, data etc. secure without breaking the bank or having to become an IT specialist in the process.

We specialise in managed IT support services for SMEs and have been able to provide a solution which not only offers full security, but is also easy to use and won’t break the bank.

The Issue:

Almost all businesses rely on computing in one way or another. This makes securing your IT environment something that is very important because a malware infection or a security breach of some sort can cause massive problems which not also consume a lot of time but can cost a lot of money too.

Keeping everything secure and efficiently responding to threats when they arise can take time. One solution which can effectively manage everything is needed.

The answer:

Sophos XG Firewall with Security Heartbeat

Most security products work alone, think of your antivirus. It does not communicate with anything else. So if there is a threat somewhere else in your business the antivirus would not able to communicate with your firewall for example to identify and expose the threat. For example, someone’s PC gets infected with ransomware.

This is where Sophos XG Firewall with Security Heartbeat comes in. The system allows your network, emails, Wi-Fi and encryption products all to share information in real time and respond to incidents, all of the security products work in synchronisation:

  • Isolate infected endpoints, blocking lateral movement
  • Restrict Wi-Fi for non-compliant mobile devices
  • Scan endpoints on detection of compromised mailboxes
  • Revoke encryption keys if a threat is detected
  • Identify all apps on the network

All of the above can be managed singly from the Sophos Central Console by our IT support team or your own in house person(s).

What makes synchronised security special is that it links the different part of your business together and treats them as one logical unit. That way everything can be kept securely together. Think about it, cyber attacks are becoming more and more complex and different areas of a business can be targeted. With synchronized security your emails are talking to the endpoints and to the wi-fi and the networks etc. A synchronized approach here would be the best and most secure option and allows you to have previously unseen insights into your network.

Responses to threats can also be automated and thus reducing resolution times. For example if a threat is detected on one of your staffs PC that device can be isolated from the rest of the network whilst it is further investigated.


We have achieved a Gold level partnership with Sophos, our technical services team are fully Sophos certified and have a wealth of experience in designing, installing and maintaining Sophos solutions in different businesses. If you are looking for a Sophos solution we can provide it and take on the day to day management of it as well.

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