Month: April 2020

23 Apr 2020

New Features Available In Our IT Support Services

We like to continually invest in our services and to further develop them. This way our services stay suited to your businesses IT needs and it lets us further satisfy your requirements. The improvements that we make is a result from the research that we conduct with our clients and the data which is obtained from this research and it is in line with the current technology trends.

IT support and related services are at the heart of what we do, our aim as a company is to provide business with a easy to use IT support service which is secure, solves their problems and works with minimal fuss.

The below options are now available to be added to your monthly services, these are available on a, a la carte basis. You can choose whichever ones you want. If in the future you feel that you no longer need these simply email your account manager and these will be removed in the next month. Similarly the services can also be increased or tailored to meet a specific need if required.

  • Email protection
  • Antivirus with AI
  • User security awareness training
  • Mobile device protection (Android & IOS)

Please note that all of these services will be brought into your current agreement and will be fully integrated into our service desk and will be managed by our service specialists. The services also provide a set level of automation, so it can be set to continually run in the background, notifications will be routed to the relevant support personnel.

Our core services provide remote and onsite IT support, hardware and software management a long with procurement and consultancy services. These new services improve our offering and lets you benefit from a flexible services model where you are not tied in for a set length of time. The services are billed on a monthly basis, you simply consume the services you require, if the requirement changes you just need to let us know.

Many tradition services are set on fixed term contracts and are complicated to change once the agreement has been made. The services described in this post do not have that issue as they are supplied on a monthly basis. Changing the number of add ons licensed can be done simply by sending one email to your account manager or to our service desk and it will get done. This minimizes the investment that you need to make and gives you the option for future changes and edits as well.

If you would like to discuss these additions in more details or if you would like to purchase some simply click here or call us on 0208 518 353.

16 Apr 2020

Protecting Yourself From Phishing Emails

Your working from home – great, everything set up and its business as usual (well almost). One key thing that many people forget or don’t put too much thought into is security but more importantly email security. Phishing attacks are a major problem and can be very costly to recover from.

Over the past month our IT support personnel have seen a massive influx in the number of phishing emails that our filters have been blocking. The issue is that cyber criminals are now using COVID 19 as a guise and with the current climate people are generally more likely to click on the links and input information. Some estimates have the increase in phishing attacks to be over 600% since the last three months according to security company Barracuda Networks. Everyone is in quarantine and working from home, this means that our dependence on the internet and computing is going to be more then ever before. Our IT support team have seen emails from fake charities and other spoofed emails claiming to me C level members of staff in the receivers business. The aims of these types of campaigns is normally to steal the users credentials, spread malware and/or to commit some kind of fraud.

It is important to have the right email security in place, this can help to identify these emails and block them before they get into your mailbox. Keep in mind that most malware infections need some form of human interaction to get onto your device, think clicking on a link in an email or downloading a file from a website. Its easy to see how a lot of these malicious campaigns are successful.


Get a good email protection solution put in place, these do not have to cost a lot. There are different options available. If you are unsure click here to speak to one of our IT security specialists.

If you already have an email protection software in place, check the settings and insure that the security is set to high. You can always check to see which emails have been blocked

Don’t open or click on emails that seem dodgy or is not from a trusted sender.

IT support and security services for SMEs is one of our key areas of specialism, if you are concerned with the security that you have in place in your company and would like it to be reviewed click here to fill out a form or email us on We have been having a lot of conversations with our clients on this topic over the last few months.

03 Apr 2020

Working Remotely

Due to the current COVID 19 situation most businesses who are able to have their staff working from home have done so, so have we. This is a massive change to the way in which we normally work.

Working from home presents in own set of unique challenges such as how to you enable your staff to work from home without any issues and how do you manage the security? Our IT support team have been busy setting up our clients staff to work from home in this blog we share some tips and offer some advice on best practises.


Do you or your employees have the right devices to work from home? More importantly do you have enough of them? There is a cost associated with purchasing new hardware but if your staff are going to be working from home this is essential. If they were to be not working for a few days or if their work was hindered by having a device which is not up to the job then this would end up costing you more.

You should do a survey for the laptops and tablets that you have in your office, this will quickly highlight and short comings which you can then resolve. Or if your staff are going to be using their own home devices these should be checked as well. It is worth noting that sales of laptops and tablets has spiked massively and we have seen shortages across the IT channel because of this so it is vital that these checks are done soon.


Your staff will need secure access to their software’s to continue working. There’s a few options here. Firstly they can connect to the office network via VPN, this would give them access to the network and you could work as you would do in the office from home. We have set up a lot of VPNs for our clients and enabled cloud software options wherever possible.


Think how many people you communicate and collaborate with on a day to day basis, you have employees, suppliers, clients and other shareholders. Through emails and having an IP phone your staff can easily continue this from their own homes. We have set up Microsoft Teams and SharePoint for a lot of our clients to allow them to communicate and collaborate on work as they would normally do.,

We are here to help We have been in the IT support business working with SMEs for over 30 years. Our staff have a vast amount of experience and we can help you. Our team have been having many conversations with business about setting up teams to work remotely from home. Our team is here to help so if you need anything at all you can either fill out a contact from on our website by clicking here, email us on or you can speak to your account manager.