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27 May 2020

COVID19 May Business Update

We’ve been able to adapt with these testing times and continue operating as normal without any disruption to our business or services. The below post is an update on what is going on in ACC and what the past few months have been like for us as a company.

Remote IT support and services

This is still operating as normal, you can call or email our helpdesk as you normally would and a engineer that you are already familiar with will be able to investigate and resolve any issues that you may have.

Other services which are delivered remotely such as automated fault monitoring etc. are still operating as normal as well. These service have not been affected by staff working from home and they continue to work as normal. As these can be delivered fully remotely without the user needing to do anything from their side.

Providing that the client has a internet connection, we can connect remotely to their device / network. We are also able to provide telephone support and guidance to if required.

Originally we did see an big influx in the number of calls and emails made to our help desk back in March. This was expected as it was the time when most people began working from home and the demand for IT support services had increased, this has now gone back down to near normal levels.

Our services team has worked very hard to make sure that all of our clients’ needs have been met and that they are able to work home efficiently.

On Site Services

These services are more likely to be effected as it requires a member of our team to go to a client’s office. We are still providing on site services when required, these services have not been reduced or brought down to a limited number of services being provided. Our team can still do onsite configurations, changes and any other service that we would normally provide. Our office is in London, most of our clients are based in and around London. We just request that social distancing is observed whilst our staff are there and that the office is clean.

Cyber Security Services

This has been a very busy area for us over the past few months as the traditional business landscape has changed massively with most people working from home. Cyber security threats have risen dramatically, Barracuda for example has found that since February 2020 phishing emails that they have detected increased by 667%. It’s important to note that this isn’t because detection rates has improved it is due to the fact the cyber criminals have been taking advantage of people working from home due to COVID19. People are more relaxed whilst at home and security isn’t always as complete as it is when you are in the office as in a lot of cases people are using their normal home device to do business on which poses its own threats and obstacles.

Our team has been busy in securing our clients staff to work from home. This has been the area which we have been most busy in since February. We continue to provide services in this area, it has been unaffected by the current situation.

Through careful developments we have been able to create our own multi layered approach to IT security. It is a comprehensive solution which is managed by us that gives complete protection, the user does not need to do anything or have any technical knowledge. This has helped our greatly in managing our IT security services and threat response over the past few months. Click here if you would like to learn more about this service.

We have also adapted our service to the current situation and provided the remote workers that we support with security training and information on best practises. Although this is part of our normal on going services it has been utilised a lot more over the last few months. This service includes user training, simulated phishing emails and tests. In a lot of instances a attack on a business is successful because one of the employees accidentally clicked on a link in a email and let the attacker in. By providing a full training program that is easy to understand, doesn’t take up much time and put in to practise we have been able to keep breaches down this whole time. It also helps adopt a security first culture and suggest ways in which it can be improved by using the results from the training which is a win win for the business. Our IT support personnel have been working closely with our clients to achieve this.

Hardware Supply

We can still provide next business day delivery to most location and we are also able to offer timed deliveries whenever required. If the items needs to come to our office first to be configured then this will affect how long the delivery takes however this has always been the case and it is properly communicated to all parties involved before the order has been processed. Initially there where some supply issues at the beginning of the COVID19 crisis however for the most part these have been resolved. Our team has been in close contact with the vendors in our supply chain to insure that lead times are kept to a minimum and any supply issues are properly communicated to the clients. We have partnerships in place with most major delivery companies and can provide full tracking details whenever required to do so.

On Going Consultancy

Face to face meeting have been stopped temporarily, these have been replaced with phone calls, video calls and conferences etc. This has worked well and it has enabled us to stay well connected our clients, suppliers and other shareholders. It was a bit strange at first as we was more used to face to face meetings, however this works.

If you would like to know more about what we do or if there was a topic raised in this article that has interested you please feel free to connect with us. You can either contact your ACC account manager directly, email us on, call us on 0208 5188 353 or contact us via our website by clicking here. IT services is at the core of everything we do, we put the client first and we have the internal expertise to provide bespoke on going solutions, regardless of your industry we can help you.

22 Jan 2020

2020 – The Year That Technology Works For You

As we go into a new decade now would be a good time to start thinking about the future for your business and how technology has been working for you. Technology is a critical part of every business. Think about it, how many of your important business operations rely on computers in one way or another?

With so much of businesses day to day operations relying on IT, it is important to have the right IT support company in place. A company that understands your businesses requirements, manages everything quietly in the background so that your devices and networks are secure and working optimally and gives you a clear an effective procedure for support.

As we start of 2020, a new decade now would be a good time to take a look at how technology is currently used in your business and whether it has been working properly and you are getting the most out of it.

Technology problems can be costly.

Think about it this way, when someone in your business looses data, or a PC freezes or things get slow you loose time and revenues. This happens a lot but it can be avoided if you have the right company looking after the technology ecosystem in your business.

Make IT a success for your business

Our services are designed for SMEs, it gives you coverage of the following: staff & devices, data backups, emails, third party software management, connectivity and security. We have designed our service to give you complete coverage. We manage everything quietly in the background, if you or your staff need to make a support request they have direct access to our remote helpdesk via phone call or email.

Both Mac and Windows devices are covered. Your staff have direct access to dedicated IT support staff who can resolve your issues quickly. We also use automated fault monitoring tools, this a software that is installed on the devices in your business, if a fault is detected it is logged and emailed back to our helpdesk as a support request. One of the support specialists will be able to action it from there. This helps to keep problem detection and resolution times to a minimum as it makes the service more proactive and moves away from the traditional method of users contacting the IT support provider when an issue has been detected. If your current IT support contract does not include this or something similar to it then it is worth looking at.

All of the day to day hassles of managing technology will be removed and you and your staff will be free to focus on your business. We’ve been in business for 30+ and have extensive experience in working with SMEs across most verticals.

The next step

If you are interested in moving from your current IT support company you can either email us on or call us on 020 5188 8353. Alternatively you can also learn more about the services that we provide right here on out website by clicking here.

27 Jun 2016

Different levels of IT support

first, second and third line support

IT Support is the term given to any activity which gives assistance to users of technology products, this a wide area but for businesses IT support can be broken down into three categories: first line support, second line support and third line support. This tiered structure enables the service provider to better serve its clients through taking a structured approach, different technical staff can be allocated to providing different levels of support, it gives a clear escalation and problem resolution process which both the users and the service providers benefit from. In the coming paragraphs we will discuss the different tier roles in a little bit more detail, if you want to read a more general overview of IT support business functions we discussed this in The benefits of outsourcing IT support and in Do small businesses need IT support.

First line support is the support level which is responsible for basic customer issues. The role of the engineer would be to provide assistance for basic problems, gather information, create problem descriptions , get screen shots, analyse the problem(s), do some basic trouble shooting and install devices such as desktops, laptops and printers. This is the first level of support and normally acts as the first line of contact for the users and will provide technical support for simple and common problems. These people normally here questions like I’m not receiving my emails, I can’t remember my password, how can I change my password ,I’ve lost some of my files and my PC has become unresponsive, how can I set my emails to out of office and so on and so forth.

first line support

Once the underlying problem has been identified the specialist can begin going through some resolution solutions. If they cannot solve the problem the support request will be escalated to second line support.

Second line support is a more in depth technical support level. Technicians in this area of support are responsible for assisting first line support staff and investigating escalated issues as well as monitoring the customers IT systems to insure that everything is working at an optimal rate. If the personnel in this group are unable to resolve the issues the support request is then raised up another level to third line support.

second line support

Third line support is the highest level of support in the three tiered support model. This department of the IT support team are responsible for solving the most complex IT issues and are in control of the strategic direction of the IT department and will research and develop new solutions to issues and providing support to first and second line engineers. These are the big guns in the IT support world and are there to guide the support team and to provide answers to the most difficult problems providing highly technical assistance.

third line support

All three of the different departments all have important but different roles to fulfil on a day to day basis, it is when they come together that a solid IT support team is formed which can quickly and efficiently resolve customer issues whilst causing minimum disruption their business. This is where both sides benefit as the IT support teams have the correct structure and tools in place to provide a great service and clients in turn are able to receive a service which is based around their needs and has the necessary personnel and procedures in place to manager their IT systems efficiently.

Having access to a support team as described above gives you a quicker and more efficient support as there is structure to it and different members of staff have clearly defined roles which they are specialists in and there is a clear support procedure in place. When this is coupled with a solid helpdesk software time is managed well and information is shared between the relevant members of staff so if one person cannot solve a problem it is easy to pass it on to someone higher up the chain who can pick up where the previous person left off.

Through our continuous staff and service development our IT support services gives you a tired IT support department which you can use as much as required and all of this is at one predictable costs. Your business can enjoy the benefits mentioned above removing the IT challenges your business faces freeing up your business to perform at a higher level with fast, expert technical support which can be delivered remotely and on site. Our services are tailored to businesses with up to 75 members of staff.

If you would like to learn more about our IT support services click here or send us an email all support packages starting in June and July will receive a 10% on the first 4 months of service.