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08 Jun 2016

Is your business mobile ready?

Everybody has mobile devices (some people even have more than one) and we use them during our everyday lives for both work and pleasure. Smartphones in particular have become incredibly popular since their invention some years back. Sources say that currently around 33.4% of all global website traffic was generated from mobile phones alone in 2015


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This coupled with the continues growth of smartphone adoption and that tablet sales have already surpassed desktop and laptop sales shows that mobile internet traffic will continue to grow in the coming years until the market matures. This is great for users, you can surf the internet and work, take selfies, go on YouTube etc. at any time from almost any location and with good internet speed. But this does however create one problem for IT and this is security. Most threats (viruses, hacks, malware etc.) come from the internet and this is where most infections happen thus making security an issue, especially if you use your mobile devices for both business and pleasure and as the number of devices multiplies like rabbits so do the number of threats.

In an ideal world we would have separate devices for business and non-business use, but that normally isn’t feasible so the next best thing to do is to keep everything secure. IT support staff often have to work hard not to lose control. As members of staff bring their own devices to work on a daily basis and expect the same level of access as with corporate-owned devices.

The best way to cope with this whilst keeping everything running smoothly is to find a solution which can manage all devices and be easy to manage. Through our own testing we’ve found that Sophos Mobile Control is an easy to use product that lets you manage all of your staffs mobile devices (IOS, Android and Windows Phone devices). By having this you can have a uniform company and security policy in place that protects you against mobile threats both for company and privately owned devices. Users can easily be

Keeping data safe is also an issue which is addressed in Sophos Mobile Control 6.1, through it’s features you can configure powerful encrypted containers for documents, emails, calendars across different devices running different operating system. If a device goes missing it can easily be locked and wiped within a few clicks. Data can then be reinstalled onto a device if you have backups in place. Even if an employee leaves a company they can simply be removed from the containers so no need to wipe their entire device.

The management of mobile devices can be done by us as we offer this service to our customers or your own IT support staff can do it if you have the internal resources.

Overall mobile device usage has grown exponentially over recent years and will continue to do so into the future and they are used in almost every business across the country and their sales continue to go upwards year after year, in order to keep data and IT systems safe it would be wise to have a security policy in place to manage the users. By having this you can protect yourself against risks related to mobile devices and you can increase the productivity of your staff.


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