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14 Jun 2016

Hosted Backups In the Shared Economy

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As technology continues to evolve at a faster and faster rate we have begun moving towards a more shared economy. You only need to go back a few years and this type of shared economy did not exist, it has been technology which has created an expanded it. You just need to look at the success of Airbnb for example which has continued to go from strength to strength over recent years other popular shared economy business include JustPark and DogVacay. The reason for this is that the shared economy has several benefits for both the buyers and the sellers, for the sellers these are:

  • Access to bigger markets
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Quicker market adoption
  • Increased customer agility

For buyers the main benefits are:

  • Lower buy price
  • Higher level of security
  • Bigger choice of products

A shared economy in its simplest form is a system which allows individuals to use assets owned by someone else. In business this can have big benefits for small-medium sized companies especially when used for IT purposes.

Cloud computing is a big example of the shared economy, through having shared data centres companies can have access to equipment and technical resources which would have been too expensive if they were to physically purchase it just for their own use. As there are multiple companies using the service(s) costs can be spread thus lowering the price for everyone and increasing the services availability to a wider market, hosted backup solutions is a widely available example of this.

Now as companies dependence on IT grows and data becomes more a more valuable a solid backup plan is needed to insure business continuity, you have to ask yourself the question if my company was to lose a large amount of data what effect would it have? Data is an important business asset, after all without customer information, order details, product data etc. your business wont be able to perform any of its activity. Through using shared resources your business can have a data backup plan in place which backs up the data at regular intervals securely to an external site where it replicated to another site for additional resiliency, if any data is lost it can be quickly reloaded, lost mobile devices can be remotely locked and wiped. Despite the importance of data this is still an area which we often see is over looked by many businesses.

The hosted backups in the shared economy gives business of all sizes the ability to do what would have costs thousands of pounds for less than £100 in some instances. This is because there is no need to purchase hardware and no technical knowledge is required. Data is encrypted and kept secure in multiple data centres doing all of this for yourself would end up costing a lot of initially and would have large on-going maintenance costs too. In a shared economy different organisations are backing up their data to the hosted environment thus bringing the costs down for everyone as it is shared amongst its users.

A cloud/hosted backup plan as outlined above can cost as little as £25 per month, this is because you are tapping into the economies of scale provided by the MSP giving your business a secure and scalable data backup plan. We use Acronis Backup Cloud for our clients, this is a secure backup solution which keeps data secure from its source all the way through to the data centres it is stored in (all data is kept inside the UK). This is all managed by our IT Support team and no technical knowledge is needed.

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