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22 Jun 2016

The Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Support

IT outsourcing

IT brings your staff together as a team and enables them to work efficiently without boundaries, it connects you to your suppliers and to your customers and is the main engine in your business. You are the driver and you are in control but you must admit that IT has become the engine that almost all businesses are now running on.

IT systems the same as any other type of engine need support and maintenance, the type of support and response times depends on your business and the outcomes that you want to facilitate. Depending on your requirements and budget you could hire your own internal IT staff, do it yourself or outsource the IT support work to a IT support company.

If you have the requirements and the budget then hiring internal staff would be a good option, however do your requirements justify this? If you answered no then this post is for you. Often times the IT issues are palmed off onto one of the members of staff who has some IT knowledge, the problem with this is that that person has a day job too and sorting out other issues takes them away this. This person normally here’s questions like, my PC is slow, I can’t connect to the internet, my emails aren’t working and so on this person is often contacted to sort the problem. If this sounds like what you are doing at the moment would you send that member of your staff off to different IT courses to learn new skills and to get certified, would you supply the required tools for them to provide a high level of support to your staff? If you answered yes then well done, if you answered know then you see where this is going. It forces people to become specialists in too many areas and in the end something has got to give. Googling your problems doesn’t work either……..

Outsourcing is not only budget friendly it also gives you access to a bigger pool of resources, one that can support your business in it’s day to day activities.  Through automated tools and IT support desks your business can enjoy a full support system at a fraction of the cost of hiring internal staff and purchasing the tools to create a full IT support desk. By having this your IT systems can be managed proactively instead of in a break fix way that causes headaches and down time. Overall it’s your choice and your business but constant firefighting, or sorting problems only when they are stopping people from working (and even then only getting rid of it on the surface and not addressing the root cause) are problems that hold your business back and cost more money than the amount that it saves. The benefits can be felt across all industries whether your business is architecture or blogging, IT will often be the backbone of the business and a lot of its core operations will be computerized

In a lot of cases fear of losing control is often the case for not outsourcing, if you find a service provider who can work in partnership with and can facilitate the outcomes that you with your business it becomes clear that this worry had been misplaced. We outsource all the time in our day to day lives: eating in restaurants, haircuts, coffee shops these all bring some benefits (at least it is better and easier than doing these things yourself). Outsourcing IT support can bring new business benefits as mentioned in this post that you would not of realised had you of been doing it yourself. Below are the benefits of outsoutcing IT Support listed as bullet points in no particular order:

  • Access to larger knowledge base
  • Access to better IT resources
  • Quicker problem resolution
  • Lower staffing costs
  • Low administration costs

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07 Jun 2016

Do small businesses need IT support?


Keeping everything in house can have a negative effect as it forces your staff to become specialists in too many areas, thus diverting them from their core roles, by effectively outsourcing you can have access to the skills and resources your business requires without having to employ more staff thus keeping costs at a manageable level.

If you don’t have any dedicated in house IT staff and you have no support agreement in place with an IT company it is likely that one of your current staff who has some knowledge of IT helps out when something goes wrong, the issue that this puts out is that firstly it takes the person away from their normal day to day work which still needs to be done. Secondly the person may not have the necessary skills to solve the IT issues (nor may they have the available tools) this leads to problems not being properly solved and more being swept under the carpet only to come back out again later on down the line. These type of situations occur all too often and I see it in many different site visits, as the person(s) assigned with maintaining the IT system doesn’t have tools, skills and time problems don’t get properly sorted which lead to things running slowly, crashes, data loss etc. all of which can easily be avoided.

By having proper support in place your system can run at optimal speed with less downtime, data is more secure and staff can work better thus improving productivity. This is something that is easily attainable for all companies regardless of size, if you can hire your own internal IT staff then great, if not due to money restrictions or the size of the company not justifying it then the best option for you is to outsource your IT support. By doing this you will have access to a bigger knowledge base and better support tools which your company and its staff will have access to.

Imagine it this way you want one of your staff to have access to another member of staffs mailbox and you set it up, the calendars do not sync correctly and the intended viewer does not have current knowledge of events and meetings in the occurring future due to configuration errors. It’s a seemingly small issue but it can cause problems especially if important information is missed. Things like this can be easily avoided if there is an adequate IT support system in place who is undertaking tasks like this every day. Most of a business’s communication today takes place on emails and should be looked after as such.

The above is just an example of a problem that we come across often when taking on new clients, it is just one issue which can be completely avoided and the best part of it is, is that the cost you pay to have access to IT support staff will provided a higher return on invest through having more up time and providing your workforce with a better environment to work in. You will have access to a bigger skill set, support tools and knowledge base which you staff can use on different devices and in different locations. If you are a business with no internal IT staff and no on going support with a IT support company ask yourself the question that if your IT system was to go down or if you were to face some kind of problems which you can’t fix yourself what effect would it have on your business?