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04 Jun 2019

It’s Time To Upgrade To Windows 10

End Of Life / Support Date: 14/01/2020

Windows 10 Logo

Now the EOL (end of life) date is still a little over 6 months away but trust me time flies and the quicker you upgrade to Windows 10 the better. If you are still using Windows 7 you may have even seen the popup messages notifying you that Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on 14/01/2020. As always leaving things until the last minute always causes a headache when you run into those unexpected problems which could so easily have been ironed out if you had more time.

What will happen if I don’t upgrade: your device will still turn on and work but after 14/01/2020 Windows 7 will not receive any more security patch updates, this will leave you more vulnerable to malware and compatibility issues with software’s as the manufacturers also stop making updates and drivers for Windows 7. As a business you can still pay for extended support from Microsoft.

For businesses we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Windows 10 before the cut-off date. After this you will be more vulnerable to attacks and then a simple upgrade becomes a much more lengthy and complicated process. Windows 10 is easy to use and it has a lot of built in features which you can benefit from.

Based on NetMarkShare’s Jan 2018 data only 34% of people who used Windows 7 have upgraded to Windows 10. Now keep in mind that a big chunk of these are going to be home users there are still a large number of businesses who have not yet taken the jump. In this post we are focusing on the business users

You may have already have some devices in your office that are already running Windows 10. It is important that you identify the devices with the Windows 7 operating system. This will give you a list of the PCs that need the upgrade, you can then decide if they are too old and should be replaced with a new PC or if they can have the operating system upgraded. If the PC is 3 or more years old we recommend purchasing a new one.

How Can We Help You

You may be wondering what will happen to your data and software’s when you do the upgrade. Will everything still work? Will you lose anything? We have the tools and knowledge to seamlessly upgrade your devices to windows 10 and move all of your data and licenses across in a way that has minimum impact on your business. We have successfully done this for over 100 businesses and we can do the same for yours to. Click here to find out more.

24 May 2019

Protect Your Business From Phishing Emails

Normally when you think email threats you think of WannaCry or other well known ransomeware. However phishing is the cybercrime that is causing more problems for businesses on a day to day basis. Around 41 % of businesses experience phishing attacks daily, and over 77% receive phishing emails at least once a month. As an IT company, I can say that our clients report phishing emails to us often.

What are phishing emails: put simply it’s a spoofed email that is designed to look like it came from a legitimate source, its aim is to get sensitive information from the recipient such as usernames and passwords, login details etc.

These emails look fully legitimate and at a quick glance it is easy for the user to assume that its safe and enter his or her details or interact with the send. Below is an example of a phishing email I received the a little while back. The email looks legitimate, if you click on the link it takes you to a page that looks like a Microsoft website which asks for your Office 365 login details. If I had of entered my details the sender would of has access to all of my data and it would have been a big problem for me as it would of put me at risk of ransomware:

Phished Email













The above is just one example but it seems like a lot of phishing emails are disguised as everyday work related emails. Other popular ones are spoofed emails from Google claiming that you need to log in and change your password. This is why this type of attack is so successful because it looks and feels like a regular email.

What to do: keeping your users educated against phishing emails is very important, as anybody in your business with an email address can be vulnerable. We have solutions available which provide email protection, training for staff and simulated phishing attacks which will safely highlight who the risky users are. Click here to find out more. The main takeaway from this post should be that you and your staff should be aware of the type of emails that you are clicking on and you should keep in mind, companies like Google or Amazon or your bank wont just send you an email asking you to log in to check a file or to change your password unless you have requested it. Ensuring that staff are made aware of email threats and what to do in. The solutions that we have for this work and are effective, we use Sophos to protect your mailboxes from phishing emails, and we also use a phishing simulation tool which lets us test your staff from time to time to measure responsiveness. This coupled with regular and short training will give you a good level of protection.






24 Jun 2016

Can IT support make your company more client centric?

                                   IT adoption

If we go back as little as 16 years to the beginning of the 21st century we can see how widespread the adoption of IT (information technology) has been. Today IT is universally regarded as an essential tool in enhancing the competitiveness of a business. Think about it would your business be able to compete in today’s market if you had the same pc’s, laptops, servers and data that you had in 2000 right now?

IT lets you keep better contact with your staff, suppliers and customers and is the key engine for most businesses. Through effective use of IT your business can become more client centric, you have more ways to stay in contact with them and can provide a more efficient service.

Through having a client centric approach businesses are able to create a unique selling point which isn’t easily replicated, low prices and physical equipment can be copied but having a client centric business is harder to adopt and maintain over time as it is an ongoing commitment. This is important as advances in technology and communication has given rise to a more empowered consumer and in a lot of instances they expect immediate response and service. Think of it like this, you now have many ways which you can communicate with your customers for example: social media, service reviews and emails some of these are direct whilst others are indirect but it goes to show how much more empowered today’s customers are. Everything matters, a bad review online can loose you potential sales the same way that a good review or Tweet can bring you some new sales, this has all come about from the wide scale use of technology.

The adoption of IT will make your company more client centric by default if it is properly maintained and serviced, this is where the importance of proper IT support comes in. If you are business with up to 50 members of staff and do not have your own internal IT support staff then employing a company which specializes in these services is the most suitable option. Imagine it like this, your staff are linked to a support desk which they have unlimited use of, any issue they have they simply send an email, this request is then processed and assigned a target time for it to be responded to and to be resolved, this issue is then resolved, through automated monitoring and alerting tools we can spot problems at its earliest stage and insure that downtime is kept at the minimum acceptable level throughout the year. This will give your business a IT system which is running at an optimal rate and staff can focus on their work, thus allowing you to provide a better service to your customers which in turns makes your business more client centric. There really is no point in purchasing the IT equipment for your company if you do not have a proper plan to support your staff in using the equipment and making the most out of it.

You have to remember that IT is a business enabler; through effective use of IT you can sell more and do more business both with new clients and with existing ones. There is on going work which needs to be done to keep your systems up and running which is what IT support does and this is how IT support can make your company more client centric by providing your business with the platform to be more client centric from. 

If you would like to learn more about the business benefits that our IT support packages gives click here or email us

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16 Jun 2016

Data Is The New Oil


IT continues to play a vital role in businesses today and it has become the backbone of businesses in the UK, and if IT is the backbone of businesses then data is the oil that they run on, thus making data the most important asset to businesses and making data the new oil as it is the fuel that businesses today are running on. Data also flows and grows and should be treated as something that does. Think of emails, you receive and send your inbox and sent box continue to grow (these are the oil reserves) the emails you send to people both inside and outside of your business are the streams of data (oil) flowing. This is the same for everything else that produces data were it all aggregates is the reserves and were it flows in and out are the streams which lead it to different places.

To avoid spoilage, leaks and theft this data must be kept secure, similar to oil large reserves of data are valuable and other people may attempt to steal it, it can leak and it can decay. All of these are issues which businesses should address. Think of it this way, if your business lost half of its customer purchase history data and was unable to receive it what impact would this have? Data is great, it is the most important asset a business has and it has allowed many organisations to do great things, but all of these great stories ignore data’s negative side and the real problems it has caused for businesses across the world. The victim of identity theft is just as trapped and unable to fly as the bird caught in the oil slick and for businesses data security issues can have a greenhouse effect i.e. hot glare comes in from public scrutiny, bad press etc. very easily but does not go away as easily and as quickly as it came in.

As the data sets get bigger so too do the threats the data becomes similar to an oil tanker navigating through cyber criminals and human error.

How to proceed? Keep your data protected whilst it is onsite and have a secure backup solution in place, we talked about cloud backups and it benefits in a previous post (for more information on that click here). Data can be recovered, if you have taken regular backups this can be done with minimum disruption to the business, how long it takes depends on the quality of the backups, the size of the backups and your internet speed (internet speed is normally the main determining factor). This is fine but we see it all too often that many businesses do not backup their data (some estimates put this number at nearly 36%), or it is backed up in such a way that restoring lost data in a time friendly manner is near impossible.

Our hosted backup solution enables you to back up your data securely to an external site where it is replicated to a secondary site to eliminate the single point of failure, the data is kept encrypted the entire time and after the full initial backup of your system is taken only the changes will be backed up, this keeps both backup sizes and restoration times to a minimum.

07 Jun 2016

Do small businesses need IT support?


Keeping everything in house can have a negative effect as it forces your staff to become specialists in too many areas, thus diverting them from their core roles, by effectively outsourcing you can have access to the skills and resources your business requires without having to employ more staff thus keeping costs at a manageable level.

If you don’t have any dedicated in house IT staff and you have no support agreement in place with an IT company it is likely that one of your current staff who has some knowledge of IT helps out when something goes wrong, the issue that this puts out is that firstly it takes the person away from their normal day to day work which still needs to be done. Secondly the person may not have the necessary skills to solve the IT issues (nor may they have the available tools) this leads to problems not being properly solved and more being swept under the carpet only to come back out again later on down the line. These type of situations occur all too often and I see it in many different site visits, as the person(s) assigned with maintaining the IT system doesn’t have tools, skills and time problems don’t get properly sorted which lead to things running slowly, crashes, data loss etc. all of which can easily be avoided.

By having proper support in place your system can run at optimal speed with less downtime, data is more secure and staff can work better thus improving productivity. This is something that is easily attainable for all companies regardless of size, if you can hire your own internal IT staff then great, if not due to money restrictions or the size of the company not justifying it then the best option for you is to outsource your IT support. By doing this you will have access to a bigger knowledge base and better support tools which your company and its staff will have access to.

Imagine it this way you want one of your staff to have access to another member of staffs mailbox and you set it up, the calendars do not sync correctly and the intended viewer does not have current knowledge of events and meetings in the occurring future due to configuration errors. It’s a seemingly small issue but it can cause problems especially if important information is missed. Things like this can be easily avoided if there is an adequate IT support system in place who is undertaking tasks like this every day. Most of a business’s communication today takes place on emails and should be looked after as such.

The above is just an example of a problem that we come across often when taking on new clients, it is just one issue which can be completely avoided and the best part of it is, is that the cost you pay to have access to IT support staff will provided a higher return on invest through having more up time and providing your workforce with a better environment to work in. You will have access to a bigger skill set, support tools and knowledge base which you staff can use on different devices and in different locations. If you are a business with no internal IT staff and no on going support with a IT support company ask yourself the question that if your IT system was to go down or if you were to face some kind of problems which you can’t fix yourself what effect would it have on your business?