Lenovo Financial Services

Lenovo Financial Services

We are now a Lenovo Financial Services partner. This enables us to supply Lenovo products and services and provide flexible payment solutions which will let your business pay monthly or quarterly for the goods purchased. Paying monthly over a set period of time brings down the large cash outlay as the payment is spread over a agreed period of time. Which makes it easier to manage financially, or if you simply prefer to pay monthly then this is the option for you. It is not limited to certain products, any PC. Laptop, workstation, server etc. is included inside this. Simply let us know what you need and a member of our team will be able to get a quote emailed over to you. We also have the in house personell to provie the on going IT support services for you and your staff after the products are delivered.

We can

  • Supply the required items
  • Install and configure the PCs and laptops in your office
  • Decommission old equipment
  • Provide on going IT support services to your business
  • Offer flexible payment terms

Available options:

  • Pay in 36 or 60 instalments with £0 deposit
  • Return, extend , keep options once payment plan finishes.

If you requiring any financing options for IT hardware that you are looking to purchase for you business kindly call us on 0208 518 8353 or email us on info@accldn.co.uk and a member of our finance services team will be in contact with you.