New Features Available In Our IT Support Services

New Features Available In Our IT Support Services

We like to continually invest in our services and to further develop them. This way our services stay suited to your businesses IT needs and it lets us further satisfy your requirements. The improvements that we make is a result from the research that we conduct with our clients and the data which is obtained from this research and it is in line with the current technology trends.

IT support and related services are at the heart of what we do, our aim as a company is to provide business with a easy to use IT support service which is secure, solves their problems and works with minimal fuss.

The below options are now available to be added to your monthly services, these are available on a, a la carte basis. You can choose whichever ones you want. If in the future you feel that you no longer need these simply email your account manager and these will be removed in the next month. Similarly the services can also be increased or tailored to meet a specific need if required.

  • Email protection
  • Antivirus with AI
  • User security awareness training
  • Mobile device protection (Android & IOS)

Please note that all of these services will be brought into your current agreement and will be fully integrated into our service desk and will be managed by our service specialists. The services also provide a set level of automation, so it can be set to continually run in the background, notifications will be routed to the relevant support personnel.

Our core services provide remote and onsite IT support, hardware and software management a long with procurement and consultancy services. These new services improve our offering and lets you benefit from a flexible services model where you are not tied in for a set length of time. The services are billed on a monthly basis, you simply consume the services you require, if the requirement changes you just need to let us know.

Many tradition services are set on fixed term contracts and are complicated to change once the agreement has been made. The services described in this post do not have that issue as they are supplied on a monthly basis. Changing the number of add ons licensed can be done simply by sending one email to your account manager or to our service desk and it will get done. This minimizes the investment that you need to make and gives you the option for future changes and edits as well.

If you would like to discuss these additions in more details or if you would like to purchase some simply click here or call us on 0208 518 353.