29 Nov 2019

We Are Now A Sophos MSP Partner

We are now a Sophos MSP partner. What this means for you is that we can now supply and manage you Sophos security on a monthly basis, for you this means that instead of paying one larger invoice yearly for example you now pay it monthly and spread the costs. This way you can pay […]

26 Sep 2019

How Small Business Can Use an Benefit From AI

AI and deep learning have become technology buzzwords over the recent years. Normally when you think of these terms you think of a really big computer doing complicated things. Although it most cases that’s it you do not have to own one of these or invest massive sums of money into using the technology in […]

16 Sep 2019

Protect Your Business From Phishing Emails

Phishing/scam emails have always been about, email spoofing is a popular tactic used in this. However the amount of spoofed emails being sent has risen massively over the past years and is still continuing to increase. The sophistication of these emails and their accuracy has also increased over time as well. A spoofed email is […]

20 Jun 2019

Protecting Your Business Against Ransomware and Phishing

Ransomware is a very common malware which can be very costly for the victim. The average ransomware attacks costs a business £110,000. Keep in mind the amount of time lost whilst trying to get your data back and the overtime you would have to pay out to your staff. This is a lot of money […]

18 Jun 2019

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Device?

With support for Windows 7 coming to an end on January 14th 2020 now is a good time to upgrade your device to ensure that you stay secure and maximise you productivity. What will happen to Windows 7 after 14/01/2020 It will still work however your device will no longer receive security updates or drivers […]