27 Jun 2016

Different levels of IT support

IT Support is the term given to any activity which gives assistance to users of technology products, this a wide area but for businesses IT support can be broken down into three categories: first line support, second line support and third line support. This tiered structure enables the service provider to better serve its clients […]

24 Jun 2016

Can IT support make your company more client centric?

                                    If we go back as little as 16 years to the beginning of the 21st century we can see how widespread the adoption of IT (information technology) has been. Today IT is universally regarded as an essential tool in enhancing the competitiveness of a business. Think about it would your business be able to […]

16 Jun 2016

Data Is The New Oil

                                           IT continues to play a vital role in businesses today and it has become the backbone of businesses in the UK, and if IT is the backbone of businesses then data is the oil that they run on, thus making data the most important asset to businesses and making data the new oil as […]

14 Jun 2016

Hosted Backups In the Shared Economy

                             As technology continues to evolve at a faster and faster rate we have begun moving towards a more shared economy. You only need to go back a few years and this type of shared economy did not exist, it has been technology which has created an expanded it. You just need to look at […]