14 Jun 2016

Hosted Backups In the Shared Economy

                             As technology continues to evolve at a faster and faster rate we have begun moving towards a more shared economy. You only need to go back a few years and this type of shared economy did not exist, it has been technology which has created an expanded it. You just need to look at […]

08 Jun 2016

Is your business mobile ready?

Everybody has mobile devices (some people even have more than one) and we use them during our everyday lives for both work and pleasure. Smartphones in particular have become incredibly popular since their invention some years back. Sources say that currently around 33.4% of all global website traffic was generated from mobile phones alone in […]

01 Dec 2015

Welcome to the ACC Blog

Welcome to our new blog, please visit regularly for updates on the going ons in our company and for information on the technology industry as a whole. Feel free to follow our LinkedIn page too for more updates.