Update To Our Enhanced Support Offering

Update To Our Enhanced Support Offering

Enhanced Support Offers Users Cyber Security Training

Often times a business falls victim to cybercrime through a member of their own staff accidently clicking on a link in an email. It’s estimated that around 90% of malware is delivered by email. These emails are designed to look legitimate and often imitate other known businesses which the recipient may already be associated with. So it is important to have some on-going training in place as no email protection software can give 100% defence, a layered approach to security works best and having a well informed and cyber security aware workforce is an essential part of this strategy.

It is important for your staff to be educated on cyber security and to know what to look out for. This is why we have included this training module in our enhanced IT support package and no additional cost.

This blog describes the features of the training program and the benefits that it can bring to your company. Read on:

The training includes:

Simulated phishing attacks

User behaviour analysis and reporting

Short training videos tailored to the users response

How does it work:

Our IT support team will send simulated phishing email to your staff(s), there are over 500 different templates that we can use. These emails are specific and are designed to see if your staff will interact with them or not, for example an email looks like it has come from Amazon or Microsoft and is asking for them to log in to confirm their password.

Once the email is sent from our console we can track it and see who opened it, how many times they opened it and what they clicked on. From here we can identify which users are more risky than others and enrole them in the relevant training modules. The training modules are short 5 minutes videos which can be watched on the employees device.

The aim with this service is to highlight where the security training gaps are and to fill them and continually keep the users knowledge up to date with regular testing and training. Think of it as a fitness / cardio program but for computer security.

Additional advice can be given by out IT support team, this can whenever you want. You can simply send a email to the helpdesk requesting this and the member of the support team will arrange it for you.

What your staff can learn from this

They will be more aware of phishing emails and the risks associated with it and they will be kept up to date as the testing and training provided is ongoing. The increased awareness will reduce the risks and the threats that phishing emails possess to your company. Suspicious emails can be forward to our support team who can verify if it is safe or not safe too.

The training goes deep, your staff will be educated on specific email threats. The training that is provided is also available in 10 different languages. These training modules are short but information packed.

This service is a unique feature in our portfolio, it is relevant to today’s business and it is a feature which most on-going IT services does not include. Your staff benefit from increased cyber security knowledge and your business benefits directly from that as the risk of a successful attack are reduced dramatically.

If you would like to discuss cyber security training in more detail then feel free to get in contact with us. If you are already an existing client then you can contact your account manager or main IT support contact directly, if not click here to fill out a contact form and a member of the team will get back to you within one hour.