Working Remotely

Working Remotely

Due to the current COVID 19 situation most businesses who are able to have their staff working from home have done so, so have we. This is a massive change to the way in which we normally work.

Working from home presents in own set of unique challenges such as how to you enable your staff to work from home without any issues and how do you manage the security? Our IT support team have been busy setting up our clients staff to work from home in this blog we share some tips and offer some advice on best practises.


Do you or your employees have the right devices to work from home? More importantly do you have enough of them? There is a cost associated with purchasing new hardware but if your staff are going to be working from home this is essential. If they were to be not working for a few days or if their work was hindered by having a device which is not up to the job then this would end up costing you more.

You should do a survey for the laptops and tablets that you have in your office, this will quickly highlight and short comings which you can then resolve. Or if your staff are going to be using their own home devices these should be checked as well. It is worth noting that sales of laptops and tablets has spiked massively and we have seen shortages across the IT channel because of this so it is vital that these checks are done soon.


Your staff will need secure access to their software’s to continue working. There’s a few options here. Firstly they can connect to the office network via VPN, this would give them access to the network and you could work as you would do in the office from home. We have set up a lot of VPNs for our clients and enabled cloud software options wherever possible.


Think how many people you communicate and collaborate with on a day to day basis, you have employees, suppliers, clients and other shareholders. Through emails and having an IP phone your staff can easily continue this from their own homes. We have set up Microsoft Teams and SharePoint for a lot of our clients to allow them to communicate and collaborate on work as they would normally do.,

We are here to help We have been in the IT support business working with SMEs for over 30 years. Our staff have a vast amount of experience and we can help you. Our team have been having many conversations with business about setting up teams to work remotely from home. Our team is here to help so if you need anything at all you can either fill out a contact from on our website by clicking here, email us on or you can speak to your account manager.