Your working from home – great, everything set up and its business as usual (well almost). One key thing that many people forget or don’t put too much thought into is security but more importantly email security. Phishing attacks are a major problem and can be very costly to recover from.

Over the past month our IT support personnel have seen a massive influx in the number of phishing emails that our filters have been blocking. The issue is that cyber criminals are now using COVID 19 as a guise and with the current climate people are generally more likely to click on the links and input information. Some estimates have the increase in phishing attacks to be over 600% since the last three months according to security company Barracuda Networks. Everyone is in quarantine and working from home, this means that our dependence on the internet and computing is going to be more then ever before. Our IT support team have seen emails from fake charities and other spoofed emails claiming to me C level members of staff in the receivers business. The aims of these types of campaigns is normally to steal the users credentials, spread malware and/or to commit some kind of fraud.

It is important to have the right email security in place, this can help to identify these emails and block them before they get into your mailbox. Keep in mind that most malware infections need some form of human interaction to get onto your device, think clicking on a link in an email or downloading a file from a website. Its easy to see how a lot of these malicious campaigns are successful.


Get a good email protection solution put in place, these do not have to cost a lot. There are different options available. If you are unsure click here to speak to one of our IT security specialists.

If you already have an email protection software in place, check the settings and insure that the security is set to high. You can always check to see which emails have been blocked

Don’t open or click on emails that seem dodgy or is not from a trusted sender.

IT support and security services for SMEs is one of our key areas of specialism, if you are concerned with the security that you have in place in your company and would like it to be reviewed click here to fill out a form or email us on We have been having a lot of conversations with our clients on this topic over the last few months.