The Client: Architecture firm based in London

Requirement: Fully managed IT support service

Size: 45 employees

ACC was approached by the client who is an architecture firm with 45 members of staff in London who was in search of a new IT partner. Their main requirement was that their staff have direct access to technical support personnel when ever they required, along with a automated fault monitoring system that would be managed by an external company. Finally and most importantly they required a partner who could take on the full management and responsibility of IT.

Due to the nature of the industry that the client was in they produced a lot of data and had several software’s that their business relied upon. Having the data readily available on a network that is quick and operating without any problems was of importance.

After a quick on boarding procedure ACC was able to provide the client with a IT support package that gave all of the employees direct access to our technical support staff via email, phone and instant chat. Our solution also included automated fault monitoring of all of the devices owned by the client, management of backups, security third party software such as Revvit and Archicad. On going cyber security training was also provided to the client as standard which will help with raising security awareness within the business and in creating a layered security approach which is continually kept up to date.

“ACC service gives us the fast support that our business needs, our staff can contact them directly. Everything is logged through their helpdesk and easy to track and manage”


We provided super fast access to our technical services team via phone and the instant chat option. This meant that any of the clients staff could contact us directly if they had a IT issue. It would automatically get logged by our helpdesk system and quickly resolved by us.

One Point Of Contact

The client was assigned a dedicated contact in ACC, this person was made familiar with their staff, setup and unique requirements. This made it simple for the client to request a service and for it to be fulfilled promptly by us.

Total Coverage

During the first conversation with the client it was made clear that they require a IT company to take over the management of all of their IT ecosystem and to have a solution that removes any of the burdens related to IT. This meant cyber security, management of data and software licenses, devices (laptops, tablets and PCs) and most importantly giving their staff a IT service desk that they can have quick and unlimited access to.

Our Approach

The client was assigned three dedicated IT support engineers from our team. These engineers spent time in getting to know the client, how their business worked and what their IT setup was like. Each staff was given their own profile in their account and given direct access to our team. This lets people make individual support requests from the helpdesk. Each request is logged and assigned a SLA to make sure that the right person resolve it on time. The setup allowed for all support requests to be logged and easily managed.

Our automated fault monitoring tools was also installed on all of the client’s devices (PCs, laptops and tablets). This allowed us to get 24/7 info on the health and operational status of the devices. If a fault gets detected we are alerted. It makes the problem detection and resolution time far quicker.

Our team also took over the management of their software’s and data backups along with the cyber security.

Finally upon review the client was very happy with the service they have been receiving. They no longer need to spend time on resolving computer issues as they have one point of contact that takes responsibility for everything. All of their IT was covered by us. Their staff where comfortable with making support requests and where able to do so easily.