For over 20 years ACC has had strong partnerships in place with the leading IT hardware manufacturers, we are able to offer you the best prices year round and give you access to our vast knowledge base and industry leading pre and post sales team freeing up a lot of time and giving your organisation a better return on investment on its purchases. Our aim is to be your single point of contact for hardware purchases, and we have the capabilities in place to do so in a way which delivers a maximum level of benefit to our clients. Our team has a large amount of combined experience in working with most of the leading IT manufacturers we can do everything from install a new laptop in your office through to redesigning you

We offer a full range of services in the following areas

  • IT hardware supply
  • PC and Laptop imaging
  • Server configuration
  • Switch configuration
  • Network design
Best prices all year round.
Our strong logistics mean we can get you what you want quickly.
We can install and give ongoing support to the equipment sold by us.