Hosted Backup

Safeguard your data with a highly flexible, fast and efficient cloud based backup and recovery service your business can rely on.
Starting today. Fully managed by us

Recover Data 10x Faster
Choice in Level of Encryption
24/7 Support

Every business needs a backup plan. We provide a simplified cloud backup service for physical and virtual environments which requires no technical knowledge. Our hosted backup keeps your data inside the UK and gives you a choice in the level of encryption you require; 128 bit AES, 256 bit AES or 448 Blowfish encryption whilst being stored in ISO certified datacentres. Your data can be restored up to 10 times faster. Set backups at a time convenient to yourself and keep usage of bandwidth to a minimum as only the part of the file which has been changed is backed up whilst being light on the system performing a backup typically uses less than 10% of a CPUs capacity.

Our backup solution schedules backups to happen when the network is quiet and only backs up the changes. By not having duplications your lost data can be restored up to 10 x faster, keeping downtime to a minimum.


  • Flexible: Backup any application from any platform.
  • Scaleable: Increase or decrease backup size based on your requirements.
  • Technological efficiency: No technical knowledge required to use backup system.
  • Secure: 128-bit / 256-bit / 448 blowfish encryption (HIPAA compliance), data is also encrypted at source prior to transit.
  • Complete visibility: real time alerts for failed backups